Saturday, January 03, 2015

String art - Africa

I saw a piece of string art while randomly looking around the WWW (it is holidays) and was inspired to make this.

I began with a piece of marine ply that I bought at Bunnings and cut it down to size. The piece cost about $15 and I only used half so plenty more for future projects.

I gave it a light sand

 my assistant never far away

... and then 2 coats of clear satin varnish.

There is a site called The Rasterbator that allows you enlarge an image to any size you like and then print it. I used this to enlarge my outline of Africa.

I chose some black tacks to use and spent a long time outlining my map

... and then using a thread line to create a border.

Then came the fun part.
Crisscrossing white 4 ply thread, filling in the spaces between Africa and the border I had made around the edge of my timber.

I am really pleased with the end result :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Oliver's 12th birthday party

Oliver is turning 12 this week, and was very excited to celebrate with a party last Saturday.

 Creeper cake (Minecraft)

We held the party at Blaxland Riverside Park near the water play area of the playground.

 Grace (Lauren's friend) joined us

 family relaxing in the shade


 trying to light and blow out the candles... a bit breezy

At the end of the day we met Batman as we walked back to the cars.
Great excitement!

Katie comes to stay

We have just had Katie here to stay.
She came to Sydney to talk about Maternity Africa.
We were so blessed to have her come and base herself at our place.

 photo on the first evening to send to Martha (a friend in Tanzania)

catching up on emails

Katie with David & Daphne Browning

Katie met some of our friends,

... and we caught ferries into the city and out to Manly,

... and partook in some fine dining at our place.

She has returned to Tanzania now. I am missing her all over again!

Sylvia & Ruth's 70th

In September we celebrated Sylvia (my mother-in-law) and Ruth's birthday - a little late as their birthday is in August.

 a cake made by Sylvia's friend, Edna

 Colleen, Joshua and Sophie

 the 3 daughter-in-laws

 the 3 sons

 speeches - a lot of fun!