Thursday, March 30, 2006

February 2006

Madeleine settled back into school very easily. She is now in Year 1.
Lauren began Kindergarten very quietly, concerned that she was unable to read or write yet.
Oliver is now 'on his own' at preschool and is missing having Lauren there to play with. As he only goes on the days Jenny is working, he is enjoying having all the toys, TV, computer and Mum to himself.

Andrew took some long service leave, and he and Oliver went to stay with his family in Port Stephens for a few days. The girls joined them on the weekend.

We had a BBQ at Brent and Heather's place to commemorate 'Waitangi Day'. (6th Feb) Many of our friends originate from New Zealand so this was a fun thing to do. Brent made a heartfelt speech about the wonders and beauty of NZ.

Lou, Brent & Theresa

Vanessa & Chris and Tom & Kirsten

Sean & Heather and Brent & Peter

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