Saturday, April 01, 2006

March 2006
We began March with a lovely dinner at Ripples Cafe with some friends. Beautiful view and food.

Jenny & Vanessa. and Tanya, Sean & Andrew.

Jenny & Andrew. and Brent & Heather.

Tanya & Richard.

This month Henry would have been eight. So much has changed in the last eight years, but he is still in our hearts and minds.

Andrew turned 38. We celebrated with family a week before, and then with friends a little later.

Heather & Andrew. and Doug & Vanessa.

Ivar, Tom, Belinda, Andrew, Fiona, Doug.


Megs said...

hello Pocko and Jen! i've just looked at all your blog and it's SO LOVELY to see you and your family and friends and feel connected. My love and prayers are with you as you honour Henry and his eighth birthday. love Megs

Justin said...


Great to hear from you... Thank you for letting us know of your remembering of Henry at this time.

I got your Blog. Looked at your pics, and went straight to my computer to find Waa Waa's Sugar Free. Pocko -- you define the phrase: "Glory Days!'.

I'll be checkin' in.


Justin said...

BTW -- Martyrs in NYC?

Jensen has a Blog [mostly ideas that he is looking at for his PhD -- ]