Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Pocknalls

Hi. Welcome to the Pocknall's BLOG. This is a picture of our family, along with Andrew's brothers, sister, and their famillies. It was taken in February on our back steps.

David, Jessica, Lauren, Stephen, Madeleine, Bronwynne, Sophie, Rosie, Peter, Jenny, Oliver and Andrew.


Alana said...

I like the togetherness of your family. It's rare to find blogs just about a family's happenings. The first picture is pretty good, because it is of the entire family. It's hard to get everyone together....I know from experience.

Good luck with your blog.


Rachel Jones said...

How wonderful to visit your blog!!
Well done - it looks great. How did you get the titles on the photos?

Heather and Brent said...

You have a wonderful blog page! I think everything you do must be wonderful! You have great friends and family. Love your work...