Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 2006

April began with some lovely news. Jenny's sister, Philippa, became engaged to Brad. They are planning on getting married at the beginning of June, so there is lots of organisation and things to do over the next 8 weeks.

Philly & Brad

We celebrated Andrew's parents 40th wedding anniversary at the Sir Stamford hotel in the city. It was lovely to spend the time with John and Sylvia, and all the adult members of the family, plus the two groomsmen from their wedding.

You know when you are in a swish hotel when there is plenty of sparkly lighting, edible sculptures in the foyer (in this case chocolate), and lots and lots of cutlery and glassware on the table.

Rosemary with a rather disturbing chocolate rabbit.

Andrew, Bronwynne, David & Margaret. Jenny & Andrew admist the glasses.

The wedding party 40 years on.

For more photos of John and Sylvia's 4oth anniversary see

Andrew went to see the NSW Waratahs play the ACT Brumbies in the Super 14 rugby, at the Sydney Football Stadium, as Sean's 'assistant'. Sean was organising the radio microphones between the officials, referees, touch judges etc. This meant that he was right on the sideline with the players, and down in the tunnel and dressing rooms before the game and at half time. Needless to say, Andrew was very excited! The game was a sellout and NSW won, 37 - 14.

We spent Easter Monday having a late breakfast/early lunch at the Arapeta's place. Very relaxing.

The boys at the BBQ and the girls with the drinks.

Then went on one of the famous Wishart walks. I'm sure Heather and Brent have seen more of Sydney than those of us who are native born Sydneysiders. We walked from Bronte beach to Bondi. It was a perfect day.


The walkers - Wisharts, McLeods, Arapetas, Kings and Pocknalls.

Madeleine and Keely looking towards Bondi.

Brent showing Lauren where our final destination will be.

Noah and Oliver enjoyed watching the skateboard riders.

Our great friend Brent turned 41. Heather organised a party for him and Dave, who shares the same birthday (but was at pains to point out, not the same age). For some reason blogger did not want to show the photos, no matter what I did. If you want to look at some you will need to go to

We spent Anzac Day in Corrimal with Jenny's parents. During the afternoon we walked around North Wollongong beach area, stopping at a playground, and to watch hundreds of guys showing off their cars, playing loud music and screeching their tyres (sorry, no photos). Eventually the police arrived and it took a couple of hours to clear the streets and parking areas. We ended up at Diggies Cafe and sheltered inside from the cold wind and the noise outside.


Megs said...


Rachel Jones said...

Congratulations Philippa and Brad!
This is a great picture - it's SO good to see Philippa looking so happy!

Sam said...

Such great news! Pass on big congrats to them for me.

And its so wonderful seeing you all looking so well, and your kids are great!

Heather and Brent said...

How quick are you to put yesterday's pictures on your site! Can I borrow some of your pictures, I think we only took a tiny few. LOL

tom said...

I got myself confused there, thought I was still looking at Rachel Jones's blog. Thought, this is weird, so many photos of Andrew's parents and so on. Why was she even invited? etc etc....ah the internet.

Heather and Brent said...

Andrew looks thrilled to be in that coffee shop (or wherever you were when hiding from the wind and the noise). He's got a I'd rather be somewhere else look on his face.

xx H