Friday, April 14, 2006

April in the Garden

Although the month has had a few cool days (22 degrees), the weather has warmed up again to 30 degree celcius. The warm weather and a bit of rain has caused everything to have a growth spurt again.
The hydrangeas have new flowers.

The Robinia has begun to drop its leaves, and the deck is constantly in need of a sweep because of a huge deciduous tree that shades it in Summer.

The hibiscus always makes me think of Summer and tropical places.


Heather and Brent said...

You have the most amazing garden. I always think of your gardening tip - just spend 10 minutes every day. Well I guess if I did that I'd have a magnificent garden too!!!

You've got me hooked onto blogging mania - help I can't stop!

Happy Good Friday - thank You Jesus

xxx ooo Heath

Rachel Jones said...

Fantastic pictures, Jenny. It really is a beautiful garden.

I've just enjoyed catching up on your blog. I haven't been using the computer at all for a while - so much else going on. It's a great blog!
much love,

gretta at lothlorien said...

Have just enjoyed all the photos on your blog. Beautiful family and garden, Jenny.

michael jensen said...

Well it was great to hear from you guys and to see from the photos how you look exactly the same as you did in the late eighties... !! Wow!
We are over here in OXford studying with Simon 8, Sacha 3, Matilda 1 and baby unborn (july!).


Michael and Catherine

Nairobi Paul said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Glad you enjoyed visiting. It's good that it brought back some fond memories to you of life in East Africa.

And you do have a lovely garden!

Megs said...

Australia is so beautiful!

Thanks for sharing her so dramatically with me on your lovely blog!

A hug to each Pocknall!