Friday, May 12, 2006

May 2006
We were very privileged to attend a dinner at Eden Gardens to launch our 'Build to Reach' program at church.

Andrew & Tim and Debbie enjoying the atmosphere of the gardens.

It was back to Ripples for another delicious meal, teamed with a fabulous view and fun company. The occasion was to celebrate Peter's 41st (&40th) birthday.

Jenny & Linda and Vanessa & Andrew

Richard, Brent & Peter and Heather

Linda, Brent & Peter

Unfortunately Jenny had a car accident mid May, but no-one was seriously hurt. Just a bit of whiplash for Jenny. The kids quickly forgot the initial shock of it and were keen to get to school as it was 'Open Day'. The upside of the accident meant that we were both able to attend Madeleine and Lauren's performances and visit their classrooms (work was out of the question after dealing with all the paperwork, doctor's visits and phone calls necessary after an accident).

Lauren showing us her work.

Oliver organising Madeleine's classroom furniture, as she shows Andrew her work.

Jenny organised a 'cellar tea' (really brunch) for Philippa two weeks before her wedding. It was at 'the Barn' in Roselle. Philly received lots of bottles of wine for her and Brad's cellar, and Brad has promised to make a wine rack to store it all in. It was lovely to meet Brad's sister Jo, and see Philippa's friends together for a time of celebration.

Philly, Nicole, Ronit, Penny & Nicki and Jo(in foreground), Jane, Martina, Debbie & Abby(in pram)

Sue(her hair anyway), Catherine & Penny and Naomi, Janine & Jenny

Philippa and Robyn & Naomi

Martina, Philly & Fran and Naomi, Philly, Janine & Thomas(Philippa's godson)

We had a Sunday family lunch to celebrate David and Stephen's birthdays. David is turning 34 this month, and Stephen 24.

David did look a lot more excited to receive gifts than this photo would lead you to believe.

Stephen waiting patiently for his turn.

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Heather and Brent said...

Thank God you weren't seriously hurt Jenny. It's so cute seeing the girls in their uniforms.

Heath xxx