Sunday, May 28, 2006

Melbourne in May
Jenny went to Melbourne with two friends, Lou and Kirsten, for some shopping and sightseeing. Lou collected everyone very early on Friday morning and it was off to the airport. There was a short delay to plans as the airport in Melbourne was closed due to fog.

Travelling from the long term carkpark. Coffee at the airport.
Philippa had booked a hotel right in the city (thankyou for Qantas connections!) so it was a short walk to everything that was needed for a great time - shops, trams and restaurants.

Dinner at an Italian restaurant on Lygon Street.

Friday was spent shopping at the Victoria St markets and the outlet shops along Bridge Rd.

Kirsten and Lou outside Flinders Street station.

Saturday began with a sleep-in (7.40am!) as there were no little people appearing at the bedside in the dim first light of the morning. A very yummy breakfast was eaten in a narrow, paved laneway, before some more serious shopping and sightseeing began.

Breakfast and then heading into Myers.

Lou knew that there were many cake and pastry shops along Acland Street in St Kilda, so a visit by tram was planned. While walking along looking at all the delights in the windows a pigeon got into one of the displays - heaven for the bird, terrible for the shop owners. There were footprints in all the cream and icing, not to mention feathers and other yukky stuff.

Walking along the water's edge at St Kilda was lovely, and the pier and boats provided a chance to take lots of photos.

The Yarra River

Exhaustion had set in by the time the two days were over. It was wonderful to sit in the hotel bar, relax and look at purchases while waiting for the bus back to the airport.

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