Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oliver's Hair
You may have noticed last month (April) that Oliver's hair decreased in volume and length dramatically. This saddened his mother greatly, but was done in the interests of Philippa and Brad's wedding approaching in June. The theory was that it would please the older generation to see 'neat' hair, but be cut far enough away from the event to not look like a new haircut.

From lovely thick curls to very conventional.
It was noted at a family lunch today (by a very astute family member) that there are some curls becoming evident again. HOORAY!!


Heather and Brent said...

Yeah. Bring back the curls! Mind you, he's cute no matter what!
Heath xxxx

Megs said...

what a darling! is he a little pageboy for Phil and Brad? can't wait to see the pics!!
love megs