Friday, June 30, 2006

A Holiday at Rimwood Farm
We have just returned from four days away at a farm with our great friends, the Bradys and the Sapsfords (an annual holiday). The farm is located just beyond Little Hartley.
It was beautiful. Quiet except for the sounds of cows and birds, and very excited children.
The kids loved the cows, and feeding them was very exciting.

The days began very cold (-4'C). The first morning the water was frozen in the pipes, and we weren't able to use any until the sun reached the right spot and warmed them up again. The days were lovely and sunny... warm on the verandah.
We spent the days reading, walking (up very steep hills), eating, sitting in front of the fire and drinking wine.
Kaitlyn had her 5th birthday while we were there. One of the birthday treats were rocket balloons. Tom stayed on the roof to catch any that flew up there.

The men and kids built a bonfire one morning, and they loved watching it burn that evening.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Madeleine's 7th Birthday Party
Madeleine turned 7 in June and she invited some friends from her year at school to celebrate with her. After meeting at our place we all drove into Luna Park.
We went to Coney Island for an hour or so, enjoying the giant slides and other rides.
When everyone was tired and hungry, we walked back to the grass area under the Harbour Bridge and had birthday cake, drinks and lollies.

Lauren, Lauren & Sasha trying to stay on the spinning disc. Madeleine & Eloise coming down a slide.
Andrew & Oliver arrive at the base of a slide.

Sasha, Eloise, Lauren, Rachel, Madeleine, Stephanie, Oliver & Lauren

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June in the Garden
Not much is happening visually at the moment, except for the Chinese Tallow wood tree. It must be the last one to change colour in the district - always in Winter, never in Autumn. Lots and lots of bulbs have been planted so I am hoping for lots of colour this Spring. Meanwhile, the Queen's Birthday long weekend just gone meant that we were able to do some necessary weeding and pruning.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

June 2006
June began with the wedding, but it had a whole post devoted to it!
We went out to dinner in Dee Why to celebrate Jenny's birthday.

It is also Chris' birthday. Here he is looking like a thug...but he really is a bit of a softy.

Then we were off to see Billy Nielson play. He is releasing a new album soon and was showcasing what was to come.

The music was funky and fantastic!

In the background you can see some of Billy's family (Ella on backup & Chris on congas) and Debbie Madden. Narelle was also onbackup vocals.
Some of you of our era may remember who Billy is when you look at this old EP cover. He is on the left.

Andrew went to another test match as Sean's 'assisstant'. The Wallabies were playing England, and they had a convincing win, 34-3.

Sean in the player's tunnel.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Philippa and Brad's Wedding
Philly and Brad were married today in Drummoyne, at the Presbyterian Church. The ceremony began at 10am. Although it was very cold, the rain held off all day.
Philippa looked stunning.

Grahame walks Philippa into the church.

It was such a lovely happy and relaxed day.
The reception was held at 'Angelo's on the Bay' at Cabarita.

Andrew was MC for the event.

The wedding cupcakes.

Jenny and Madeleine

Pam, Vernon, Sylvia, John & Beverley and Victor, Rachel & Lauren

Lisa & Peter Jamieson (Peter is Jen & Philly's cousin) and Jenny, Janine, Naomi & Rachel

It was great to meet Brad's family and friends. We are so happy to welcome Brad into our family.

Brad's parents, Margaret & John and Andrew & Lauren

If you would like to see some more photos from the wedding, use the link in the sidebar...More photos of the Pocknalls

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lauren's Miracle Fingernail

This year the most amazing healing happened with Lauren's little fingernail. Years ago she got it caught in a toy oven door whilst at daycare. It went a funny colour and dropped off, and never grew back properly. Medical advice said there was nothing we could do. The nail bed was damaged. If she was worried about it when she was older she could wear a false nail. Lots of prayer went into the finger and at the beginning of this year we began to see a healthy pink colour creep back into it. The nail is now lovely and smooth, and the correct length.