Friday, June 30, 2006

A Holiday at Rimwood Farm
We have just returned from four days away at a farm with our great friends, the Bradys and the Sapsfords (an annual holiday). The farm is located just beyond Little Hartley.
It was beautiful. Quiet except for the sounds of cows and birds, and very excited children.
The kids loved the cows, and feeding them was very exciting.

The days began very cold (-4'C). The first morning the water was frozen in the pipes, and we weren't able to use any until the sun reached the right spot and warmed them up again. The days were lovely and sunny... warm on the verandah.
We spent the days reading, walking (up very steep hills), eating, sitting in front of the fire and drinking wine.
Kaitlyn had her 5th birthday while we were there. One of the birthday treats were rocket balloons. Tom stayed on the roof to catch any that flew up there.

The men and kids built a bonfire one morning, and they loved watching it burn that evening.


Justin said...

Looks tops!

Lou said...

Fortunately I managed to stay out of all photos!!


What a beautiful place to relax! Give me a call maybe we can catch up next week in the holidays!

sam said...

delicious. wine and fires, what a wonderful combo :)

Nairobi Paul said...

Looks like it was fun.

It's cold where you are! (Cold here too, but not anywhere close to -4.)