Sunday, June 11, 2006

June 2006
June began with the wedding, but it had a whole post devoted to it!
We went out to dinner in Dee Why to celebrate Jenny's birthday.

It is also Chris' birthday. Here he is looking like a thug...but he really is a bit of a softy.

Then we were off to see Billy Nielson play. He is releasing a new album soon and was showcasing what was to come.

The music was funky and fantastic!

In the background you can see some of Billy's family (Ella on backup & Chris on congas) and Debbie Madden. Narelle was also onbackup vocals.
Some of you of our era may remember who Billy is when you look at this old EP cover. He is on the left.

Andrew went to another test match as Sean's 'assisstant'. The Wallabies were playing England, and they had a convincing win, 34-3.

Sean in the player's tunnel.


Justin said...

Bring back the Martyrs...

Nairobi Paul said...

Really wish I could have seen that band live. That sort of music is not quite available here!

Sam said...

I was very pleased with the win over England. It seems ever since I've moved to England everything we used to beat them at they've been winning!