Saturday, June 17, 2006

Madeleine's 7th Birthday Party
Madeleine turned 7 in June and she invited some friends from her year at school to celebrate with her. After meeting at our place we all drove into Luna Park.
We went to Coney Island for an hour or so, enjoying the giant slides and other rides.
When everyone was tired and hungry, we walked back to the grass area under the Harbour Bridge and had birthday cake, drinks and lollies.

Lauren, Lauren & Sasha trying to stay on the spinning disc. Madeleine & Eloise coming down a slide.
Andrew & Oliver arrive at the base of a slide.

Sasha, Eloise, Lauren, Rachel, Madeleine, Stephanie, Oliver & Lauren


Justin said...

I went to Luna Park on my 7th Birthday too!

Sam said...

Good man Oliver, you look to be keeping the charm up with the ladies!

Great cake.


Happy Birthday Madeleine! It looks like you had a fantastic day!