Friday, July 21, 2006

July in the Garden
This month it has rained a lot and it has been cold (as Winter should be). Hopefully Sydney's catchment areas are being replenished! We have been on water restrictions for so long, the kids have missed out on the fun Summer activities, like running under a sprinkler. Maybe this year... The magnolia in bud.


Justin said...

I've been told that its been cold! Funny that flowers grow in winter in Australia. HEre, the whole ground goes dead!

The Lone Beader said...

A friend of mine is going to Australia for a month in August to go snowboarding...

Please stop by my blog anytime:)

Nairobi Paul said...

(In response to your question at my site...)

Heather doesn't blog. She is too busy keeping up with our 3 kids & doing some work at the office too.

She does like to discourage me from blogging a bit. (Like, "You're on the Mac again this evening?!")

The b'day party looked fun!