Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lauren's 6th Birthday Party
Lauren invited some friends to a party at our house to celebrate her birthday.
The kids played on the trampoline and ate lots of lollies, chips and party pies. We also painted plates and decorated lolly boxes to take home.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Holiday in the Snow

Perisher Blue
This year we had our first holiday at the snow. We went with our friends the Wisharts, and stayed in a guesthouse in Jindabyne. Early each morning we ate a full cooked breakfast (complete luxury) and then set out for Perisher. Fortunately Brent and Heather knew all about where to hire equipment, and where to go etc. It was quite an endurance feat to walk from the carpark to the ski slopes, and an even greater one to return to the car at the end of the day. Large amounts of chocolate was consumed during our time there to keep up our energy.
Thursday and Friday was spent skiing - the kids at ski school, and the adults doing their own thing. On Saturday we all went tabogganning instead, except for Brent who got several more runs in without us. He was feeling no pain, and can ski really well.

Mad Mooses in Jindabyne.

10 things Jenny learnt about skiing.
1. The best part of the day is removing your ski boots.
2. Children learn to ski very quickly.

The kids at ski school - Oliver, Lauren and Madeleine.

3. Andrew also learnt to ski with seemingly little effort.

4. 38 year old women who are not very fit, and do not like careering down a hill, don't.

5. Small children cry when they arrive in the carpark of the ski field, and as they leave it. Small children are asleep by the time the car is 200 meters down the road.

The taboggan slope.

6. It is very easy to spend $1000 on the first morning without even trying.

Oliver with his 'boggan'.

7. It is very pleasant sitting in a deck chair in the sun and watching everyone else ski.

Ben speeding past Maddy and Sarah.

8. You can get quite a nice tan whilst at the snow.
9. There is a wide range of fashion (and hairstyles), especially with snowboarders.
10. It is a fun thing to do with friends!

Sarah and Lauren adding the finishing touches to a snowman.

Thanks to our friends Doug & Belinda, Robynne & Al and Tim for the use of their clothing, goggles etc.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 2006
The girl's athletic carnival was a very cold day, despite the promise of mild weather and sunshine. Madeleine and Lauren enjoyed running in their age races, plus participating in the novelty events.

Oliver was overjoyed to be able to run in a toddler/preschool race.

The girls dressed up for bookweek at school.

We celebrated Sylvia (Andrew's mum), Ruth and Lauren's birthdays with a BBQ.
And as the weather warmed up, we began to eat outside more and more.

Kath and Vanessa on the Wishart's deck.