Monday, September 25, 2006

The month of September seems to have flown past. It is hard to remember what we have is all a blur. There have been birthdays, a trivia night, trips to the movies etc.
Two events I do remember (because they were last weekend) were cause for celebration.

Pam and Alex helping Lucas blow out the candles.

Our nextdoor neighbours had a picnic at Bicentennial Park to celebrate Lucas turning two. The weather was perfect, and it was lovely meeting a whole new group of people. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable time, and a perfect setting for kids!

Last Sunday we attended an afternoon tea to celebrate Rachel and Victor's engagement. They will be getting married in Port Macquarie during December. Madeleine and Lauren are very excited about being flower girls on the day.

Rachel and Victor

Other fantastic news is that tomorrow is my last day of work for ages. I (Jenny) am taking long service leave. That, plus the Christmas school holidays, means I have about 17 weeks off! Am VERY pleased! I have lots planned to do. Watch this space....


Justin said...

Long Service Leave...


Nairobi Paul said...


I hope the time away from work is REALLY refreshing. I'm sure you'll fill it with other kinds of work, though.

Rachel Jones said...

It was great to see you all last weekend. And thanks for the photos, Jenny.

you deserve every day of that long service leave!

Nairobi Paul said...

Sorry my blog is too hard to read these days!

I compared recent pages with old pages (April) and there was no difference. Have you changed browsers or settings on your browser? I'd recommend Firefox - faster and more secure than IE.