Monday, October 16, 2006

October in the Garden
The climbing rose out the front has burst into flower.

The Christmas bush and the bottlebrush are in flower as well. A lot of Australian streets are flanked by bottlebrush, which makes them rather colourful at this time of year. Unfortunately they look a bit sad as the flowers turn brown and fall off.

Tall spires of the Oyster plant are beginning to shoot up throughout the garden.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

October Update

Jenny participated in some dragon boat races under the name of the Ryde Chamber of Commerce, but the team consisted of mainly teachers from Ryde Public School (where she works). The races were on the Parramatta River at Putney. The team went quite well considering they had their only practice/training session the previous morning It was a lot of fun!

A grey looking day on the Parramatta River.

Skye & Sally and Glen & Tristan

Andrew returned safely from PNG - four kilos lighter, with a tan and very tired.

Andrew with Ps Magi. On the left is the container Ps Maria uses as an office to administer educational and nutritional programmes for approx. 1000 kids in the squatter settlements around Port Moresby. If you would like to see some more photos of PNG and the team they are on our other blog - use the link in the sidebar "More photos of the Pocknalls".

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The month began with Andrew leaving incredibly early in the morning to fly to Papua New Guinea. He has been going there at this time with a team for the past 5 years. They are based in Port Moresby, but travel to the outlying settlements, and occasionally a remote village, to assist a local church there.
The work consists of providing medical assistance/support to a team that travels in an ambulance and 'bandages wounds'; helping with a kid's club which feeds, runs games/activities and clothes lots of street children, visiting patients in hospital and speaking in the jail. It is an incredible privilege for Andrew to do this - maybe he will post a few photos when he returns.

Meanwhile, Jenny, the kids and Boris (our labrador) went down to Corrimal to stay with Jenny's parents for the first week of the school holidays. A lovely break from life in Sydney. The kids braved the temperature of the ocean, still cold from our Winter season. The adults preferred to wait until the warmer currents come through in Summer.

The lighthouse at Wollongong in the distance.