Monday, October 16, 2006

October in the Garden
The climbing rose out the front has burst into flower.

The Christmas bush and the bottlebrush are in flower as well. A lot of Australian streets are flanked by bottlebrush, which makes them rather colourful at this time of year. Unfortunately they look a bit sad as the flowers turn brown and fall off.

Tall spires of the Oyster plant are beginning to shoot up throughout the garden.


Nairobi Paul said...

The red flower is what we saw over the weekend in Maasai-land (near Athi River). It was in a very dry place.

Funny how the world is so small!

Sam said...

I was on the Ryde CCC website the other day. It looks like amazing things are going on there, how exciting! It was fun seeing Andrew's name as a speaker for something.

See you at Rachel's wedding!