Saturday, November 25, 2006

A very busy month indeed.

In this photo Noah, Lucas and Oliver are attacking Brendan with their light 'savers' at the Bradshaws. Those of you who know the Bradshaws will note what a brilliant job Richard and Doug have done with the paving/landscaping. Richard has planted pole apple trees, roses and lavender along the first terrace and it looks wonderful. A truly beautiful garden.

Grimace visited us during Oliver's McDonalds party. A definite worry to some children, including Oliver!
We found cicada shells outside on the trees... a sign that Summer is definitely on the way.
Lauren performed in her end of year dance concert. Here she is in her 'tap' costume with Andrew after the first show.

Jenny, Lou & Heather.

Adults relaxing, kids playing.
Dave & Sean.
We had the CCC Ryde staff Christmas party at the Brady's house. A very warm evening, but that didn't stop the children all playing non-stop on the jumping castle. The adults were more content to sit and talk. Richard and Cathie were absent as they have begun their long service leave - after 20 years! Happy holidays to the Greens!
And it was our beautiful sister-in-law's birthday. Happy birthday Bronwynne!!

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Nairobi Paul said...


Karen is indeed out Langata Road. and there are a lot of mosques, all over Nairobi - not sure which one you were referring to.

Happy November-as-it-slides-into-December.