Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day
After we all woke very early Christmas morning (thankyou children!) and opened gifts, we made pancakes and then went to church. Although we have never advocated the whole Santa phenomenon, the girls have taken to it wholeheartedly. There was a worrying moment when Madeleine made the comment that "Santa's gifts", found in the stockings, were wrapped in the same paper as the ones under the tree. The idea that Santa possibly bought his paper at IKEA too was mentioned, and three worried faces relaxed again.
We celebrated with lunch at Andrew's parent's home. Sylvia always cooks a huge, traditional hot lunch, and we were glad that the weather was kind to us this year. We seemed to eat all day in fact, with lunch finishing up about 5pm.
Yes, another video!! I am loving the whole youtube thing. It will be out of my system soon. This is of our niece, Sophie, with Oliver and Lauren. Lauren was aware that she is being filmed, and acted accordingly...the other two are quite oblivious.

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