Saturday, December 30, 2006

Jenny's top ten for no order of preference.
After a tumultuous start to the year, it began to settle down, and I think that these are the highlights for me.
1. Long Service Leave
Precious time spent on Mondays and Tuesdays gardening and creating things. I am feeling like me again.
2. U2 concert

3. Skiing
A fantastic new experience and holiday with friends.

4. New neighbours
Pam, Alex and Lucas have been next door for a year now. We couldn't ask for better neighbours. Lovely, lovely people!

5. Weddings
Philly & Brad's, and Rachel & Victor's
6. 24 hrs of 'me' time
Thanks Mum & Dad for looking after the kids while Andrew was in PNG. Time to explore Kiama, Jamberoo, Berry and Kangaroo Valley.

7. Lauren began school...
and flourished.
8. Friends
I have had the continued support and love from my friends (you know who you are) this year. Thanks.

9. Melbourne
A girly shopping and sightseeing trip with Kirsten and Lou.
10. Family
I have a wonderful immediate and extended family. I have learnt this year that our family is probably not the norm, but quite unusual in the way we all get along and like each other. I love all of my family.

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