Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rachel and Victor's WeddingWe have just returned from Port Macquarie where we attended the wedding of our dear friends, Rachel and Victor. It was absolutely wonderful. Victor just beamed all day. Rachel looked beautiful. We are so happy for them.It was great to catch up with friends who we have not seem for awhile... years even. I am posting some more photographs of the day on our other blog site - the link is in the sidebar.While we were in Port Macquarie we had fish & chips on the beach with Philly and Brad, and the kids had fun in the pool of the hotel where we stayed. It was refreshing to leave Sydney behind for the weekend. It is amazing how therapeutic even a view of the ocean can be.
The four and a half hour car trip each way also brought great pleasure (and stresses). We laughed hysterically at many things during the journey - the "stinky" composting toilets found dotted along the roadside where we had to stop occasionally; the girls changing the lyrics to a Sandi Thom song, at first unintentionally, and then with some thought as they realised their mistake; the constant haggling and politics of sharing a packet of lollies; and the many discussions about what would be bought at McDonalds for lunch. Predictably these activities also caused tears and Jenny threatening to "stop the car!" more than once.

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