Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bathroom Renovation
From this...

to this!
Thankyou Doug & Belinda, and Richard & Tanya, for giving up precious time to rebuild our bathroom. Beautiful work.
And thankyou to all those people who let us shower at their place.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


January is now drawing to a close and I am returning to work tomorrow. AAARGHHHH. The Summer holidays have gone so quickly. Here are some highlights of our social calender.
Sean & Vanessa, Jenny & Andrew, Kirsten & Tom, Chris & Lou
Movies in the 'Overflow' at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. A great way to relax and watch movies. We saw 'Jindabyne', and then 'Cars' with the kids.

Madeleine & Ella
There were lots of friends over to play during January, especially with Doug and Richard here with their kids as they worked on our bathroom. (We had a major bathroom renovation.) Most of the play consisted of dressing up and putting on a fashion show, or playing shops and cafes. Mmmm...where do they get their ideas from...?

Lauren & Oliver
The kids went to an intensive week of swimming lessons and made real progress. I'm not allowed to show a picture of Kirsten in the pool teaching, she said that she would do 'bad things' if she saw it on the blog.

Sparklers...Oliver & Harrison, Ellie
On the 26th we celebrated Australia Day at Peter & Linda's place with a Thai meal. Very multicultural. Our favourite Thai takeaway reopened after being closed over Christmas and January.

Doug tiling. Boris...a constant companion during any renovation.
Andrew began working for church full-time. Gone are his 'school holidays'. He now has 4 weeks a year off like most people. But it will free him up...he will no longer be working 7 days a week, juggling two jobs.
And channel 10 had the sense to return 'Battlestar Galactica' to our screens (yay!), but at a hideous hour when all should be in bed. Mind you, we are a season behind America, and I have just encounted the wonders of downloading shows. Amanda gave me the entire 3 seasons of 'Grey's Anatomy' which she downloaded, of which I had seen none, and I annoyed the rest of the household by watching all of them in a very small space of time. Thankyou Amanda.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Garden in December
I thought I would add some photos of the garden, taken in December, as I forgot to do so last month. More of the lovely hydrangeas, and one of the front garden beds, brimming with health and new growth.
Hello 2007

Bronte Beach
After beginning the day by emptying cupboards and cleaning them out, a welcome phone call came, inviting us to join some friends on a walk...a chance to expunge some of the excess of the Christmas season. Yay, a good excuse to leave the house behind and experience the fresh air.

A great deal of other people thought the Bronte to Bondi walk was a good idea too, especially true as we approached Bondi. We did discover though, that quite a few of the people hanging around Bondi, were there because apparently Paris Hilton was too (yawn), although we did not spot her. The music pumping out of the Bondi Iceburgs establishment was fun.

Bondi Beach
We met some lovely new people, the Rees. A family we have heard about on many occasions through mutual friends, but never actually met before.
The Pocknalls, Wisharts, Fields and Rees.
After walking to Bondi and then back to Bronte, we ate fish & chips for dinner, and the kids played some more in a playground. There was an amazing toy/piece of equipment in the playground (see video below) that kept everyone amused for ages.
Goodbye 2006
New Year's Eve was time for another party, and as is popular amongst our generation, it was one with an 'eighties' theme. Lots of terrible clothes, and shocking makeup...but great music! Incredibly, I still own the waistcoat I made after seeing "Pretty in Pink", all those years ago. Comes in handy now and again.