Monday, January 01, 2007

Hello 2007

Bronte Beach
After beginning the day by emptying cupboards and cleaning them out, a welcome phone call came, inviting us to join some friends on a walk...a chance to expunge some of the excess of the Christmas season. Yay, a good excuse to leave the house behind and experience the fresh air.

A great deal of other people thought the Bronte to Bondi walk was a good idea too, especially true as we approached Bondi. We did discover though, that quite a few of the people hanging around Bondi, were there because apparently Paris Hilton was too (yawn), although we did not spot her. The music pumping out of the Bondi Iceburgs establishment was fun.

Bondi Beach
We met some lovely new people, the Rees. A family we have heard about on many occasions through mutual friends, but never actually met before.
The Pocknalls, Wisharts, Fields and Rees.
After walking to Bondi and then back to Bronte, we ate fish & chips for dinner, and the kids played some more in a playground. There was an amazing toy/piece of equipment in the playground (see video below) that kept everyone amused for ages.


Graham Rees said...

Hi Jenny

What a prodigous amount of posting!! I'm very envious of you ;)

Good to meet you, Andrew and the family.

Many blessings for 2007.


Justin said...

Great to hear about the Cricket. Our year has started OK. My parents were here for Xmas. Tough to live here, but good.