Sunday, January 28, 2007


January is now drawing to a close and I am returning to work tomorrow. AAARGHHHH. The Summer holidays have gone so quickly. Here are some highlights of our social calender.
Sean & Vanessa, Jenny & Andrew, Kirsten & Tom, Chris & Lou
Movies in the 'Overflow' at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. A great way to relax and watch movies. We saw 'Jindabyne', and then 'Cars' with the kids.

Madeleine & Ella
There were lots of friends over to play during January, especially with Doug and Richard here with their kids as they worked on our bathroom. (We had a major bathroom renovation.) Most of the play consisted of dressing up and putting on a fashion show, or playing shops and cafes. Mmmm...where do they get their ideas from...?

Lauren & Oliver
The kids went to an intensive week of swimming lessons and made real progress. I'm not allowed to show a picture of Kirsten in the pool teaching, she said that she would do 'bad things' if she saw it on the blog.

Sparklers...Oliver & Harrison, Ellie
On the 26th we celebrated Australia Day at Peter & Linda's place with a Thai meal. Very multicultural. Our favourite Thai takeaway reopened after being closed over Christmas and January.

Doug tiling. Boris...a constant companion during any renovation.
Andrew began working for church full-time. Gone are his 'school holidays'. He now has 4 weeks a year off like most people. But it will free him up...he will no longer be working 7 days a week, juggling two jobs.
And channel 10 had the sense to return 'Battlestar Galactica' to our screens (yay!), but at a hideous hour when all should be in bed. Mind you, we are a season behind America, and I have just encounted the wonders of downloading shows. Amanda gave me the entire 3 seasons of 'Grey's Anatomy' which she downloaded, of which I had seen none, and I annoyed the rest of the household by watching all of them in a very small space of time. Thankyou Amanda.

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Pocko -- F/T for church. Kewl. Another one in the (F/T) ministry. What did St Phil's do to us?