Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Moreton Bay Figs
In the playground of the school where I (Jenny) teach there are some amazing Moreton Bay Fig trees. They are very old and drop a lot of fruit that causes a great mess during the year, and their roots have caused parts of the asphalt to lift. But they are beautiful, and provide wonderful shade. I have taken a Year 6 class outside to sketch these trees this week.
I found a sketch by Brett Whitely of a Moreton Bay Fig...I'll have to show the class next week.
Besides staying in Port Stephens, and celebrating Waitangi Day, here are a few other highlights that the month of February brought with it.
I visited Mt Annan Botantical Gardens.
A startling blue tree in the middle of the gardens.

Australian natives...kangaroo paw.

Andrew's dad, John, turned 70, and Jessica 3.

We all went our for dinner for John's significant birthday. (I think anything with a '0' on the end is a significant birthday.)

Richard, and his friend Sean, both turned 40 (another significant one) and had a party to celebrate. Cath prepared a feast, and the garden was magnificent after Richard had spent all week working on it. And of course a commemorative CD was made to mark the occasion, with Richard and Sean's favourite music...a very eclectic mix indeed.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jenny's favourite song at the moment...

Celebrating Waitangi Day
Brent and Heather returned from their annual pilgrimage to New Zealand to find plans to celebrate Waitangi Day at their place in full swing. Once again Kiwis, and friends of the Kiwis, gathered to mark New Zealand's national day.

As the evening went on we were treated to speeches, singing and the haka (see videos below).

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Port Stephens

We spent last weekend in Port Stephens (two and a half hours north of Sydney) with Andrew's family. The weather was lovely but the water seemed quite cold. Maybe it is something about aging, but each year the ocean seems to be a little more nippy. The kids went in without hesitating.
Grandma reading to the kids.

Deciding whether to risk swimming at One Mile Beach - lots of blue bottles about.

Oliver enjoying an iceblock on the beach. A perfect place to wash away any drips.A view of the beach from towel level... I never knew these plants had flower stalks.
January/February in the Garden
Summer is a glorious time. All the work before Christmas has resulted in some lovely flowers.