Sunday, April 29, 2007

My children are not used to many rainy days in a row. They asked me this week, "Why does it keep raining?". In truth we have not had very much rain at all, and are still in drought.
A rainy Saturday morning meant that toys that had not been played with for a while came out and were rediscovered.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fifteen Minutes of Fame
This is my great friend Kirsten and her husband Tom.
School holiday time again. Yay!!!
We spent some time in Nelson Bay at Billy & Narelle's holiday house with the Arapetas and William. The kids played tennis with Sean, idolized William, and played at the beach. Unfortunately Levi had a nasty accident involving a scooter and a steep hill, and just moved from lounge to lounge...somewhat gingerly. And Andrew became very unwell.
I read heaps of books during the break.

Then it was out to Bathurst to spend a night at the Lloyd's place. Great house!

Rowena in her kitchen.

We went to Little Hartley to stay at Rob's farm again. The past few years we have been during Winter, so this time it was quite different. The little bit of rain we had in March had made a difference to the surrounds - usually very brown and dry. The kids were disappointed because the cows were not interested in being hand fed at all. Chris and I were able to watch 15 episodes of 'Battlestar Galactica' while we were there, and Lou read and read. Unfortunately Andrew was still feeling poorly and spent a great deal of time sleeping.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The kids with Victor in Glebe.

Victor and Rachel left to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We spent a lovely time with them in a park in Glebe. Victor is such a friendly, welcoming person, who befriends people easily - evident by the people he connected with during our picnic.
Rachel & Gretta, Us with Rachel & Victor

Lauren with her godmother, Victor spinning the kids
Dave and Wendy had an engagement party. Congratulations!
March really is the birthday month.
Kate turned 30. A significant one.
Kate and Sergio
Party at Tim & Deb's place and Tanya, Richard & Joy
Cath turned 40. Another significant one. Really significant. A fantastic friend and sister to so many of us.
Cath and Richard at the 'banqueting table'.
My Dad, Andrew, Vanessa and Peter celebrated their birthdays.

Dinner at Bel Parco, Bicentennial Park.
And Happy Birthday Tom (UK)...we have not forgotten you.
Tim and Deb's Garden in March
During Kate's 30th party I took some photos of the trees around the front garden of Tim and Deb's house.

Some very effective lighting... no doubt organised by Tim.