Friday, May 04, 2007

These are our gorgeous nieces, Jessica and Sophie. They grow more adorable each day.


Nairobi Paul said...

Very cute kiddos!

Nairobi Paul said...

Thank you for the invite to come thru Australia on our way back to the States!

Unfortunately we already have out tickets in hand. :< We're going thru Eurpoe. My sister lives in Belgium & we'll visit her.

Megs said...

hello lovely Jenny!
I just read your list of recent books, and I too have just read the red tent, and last month a jodi picoult about sisters! i liked the red tent, except for the bizarre relationships with sheep!!
ps i am just starting a book whose author bens and i went to hear speak recently, named 'special topics in calamity physics' -v. good!
pps i love the picture of you reading with a glass of wine - we are all out of wine - you inspired me...

The Lone Beader said...

I love the child artwork on your blog, especially the lion! So fun!

Also, thanks for linking me. Cheers from Boston=:)