Friday, June 22, 2007

Cake Decorating 101
Despite the fact that I am quite handy at creating most things, cake decorating is not my forte. When I first had children I was all quite keen, and would bake a cake and then try and ice it, before beginning the decoration process. However, I have learnt that 'Sara Lee' makes a very good slab cake, just ready for the fancy stuff to be placed on top.

My children are fond of the 'Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book', and spend a great amount of time choosing the next cake they must have for their next birthday. I often listen with mild amusement, knowing that the chances of the cake ever looking like the one in the photograph are slim.
Madeleine's instructions for her cake this year were, that it was to be caramel (wasn't going to happen), and that it was to have the wording, "Madeleine is eight." Well here is what I have come up with:

There are always other little 'cooks' to be found if there is anything to do with cakes happening in the kitchen.
Below are the cute chickens on my kitchen window sill that I bought for the kids last Easter.

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Seraphim sigh said...

Create a Cake? What a great idea. I'll book you for my 40th so that will make 2 of us!