Sunday, June 10, 2007

Florence Broadhurst

My dear friend Vanessa gave me a book about Florence Broadhurst for my birthday. I love her designs and now I am going to enjoy reading about her life, and mysterious death.
"florence broadhurst was a world-renowned wallpaper and textile designer. she combined hints of the orient with europe’s 1930s-style modernism. her patterns, with shiny surface and sophisticated, very vibrant motifs are extremely elegant. she fused english floral patterns with splashes and swirls, bamboo and willow, kangaroos and peacocks... "

To read more about her life click here.

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gretta at lothlorien said...

I love your blog, jenny, and your thoughts about establishing family rituals. I'm glad you've had the anaemia diagnosed. I have had it many times, but it always surprises me, and explains my lethargy (plus bad temper, etc) I suppose the raw meat recipes are to fix your anaemia??.