Monday, June 04, 2007

Murmurs of the Heart This week I was breathless carrying out simple tasks such as emptying the dishwasher...and not due to a love of housework!
After a few other scary symptoms, I took myself off to the doctor and was told I had developed a heart murmur.
Had some tests today. Preliminary findings show that my iron levels are critically low.
This is somewhat comforting as I was beginning to feel really old.
Anyway, have been told to take it extremely easy this week and I should be back to full health in about 3 months. Yippee!

Signs and symptoms
The main symptom of most types of anemia is fatigue. Other anemia symptoms include:
Pale skin
A fast or irregular heartbeat
Shortness of breath
Chest pain
Cognitive problems
Numbness or coldness in your extremities
Initially, anemia can be so mild it goes unnoticed. But signs and symptoms increase as the condition worsens.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

What a terrible scare that must have been for you. I hope you feel better really soon. Are you going to be able to rest with work and 3 young kids?

Megs said...

SO sorry Jen!
Make sure you take iron tablets which are kind to your body - the standard ferrous sulfate has awful effects on the gastro-intestinal system. I actually just take kids' multivitamin tablets - though check what's in them, as alot of them don;'t have iron. Prenatal vitamins tend to have nicer-to-the-body iron. All the best in your recovery! Vitamin C with your brekkie cereal will help your body absorb the non-haem iron in the cereal.

You poor lamb. Pamper yourself!

Love Megs