Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back to the lycra in sight.
Well, I returned to the gym this week after my bought of ill health. I was fortunate enough to be able to put my membership on hold while I was unable to go (this is the membership I won in a silent auction back in May).
There are many great things about going to the gym where I go. Firstly, it is a women only gym, populated by many ladies I know from the area. This means that there is always someone to talk to which makes the time seem to go faster. Another great thing is there is no-one showing off in skimpy lycra gym wear. Yay! (Unfortunately I do remember wearing such a horror in the early 90s).Speaking of lyrca, do you remember this episode of Seinfeld?

Frank: So, I talked to Phil Casacof today.

Estelle: Phil Casacof?

Frank: Yeah, you know my friend, the bra salesman. He says they are looking maybe to put somebody on so I got you an interview next Friday with his boss.

George: Next Friday, what time?

Frank: 2 o'clock.

George: That's my whole afternoon! I was going to look for sneakers.

Frank: You can look for sneakers the next day!

Estelle: He doesn't know anything about bras.

George: I know a little. Besides, what do you have to know?

Frank: Well, it wouldn't hurt to go in the and be able to discuss it intelligently. Maybe you should take a look at a few bras? Where is you bra? Give him a bra to look.

Estelle: I am not giving him a bra.

Frank: Why not?

Estelle: Because I don't need him looking at my bra.

Frank: Why, so he'll go to the interview and he wouldn't know what he's talking about!?!

George: Do we have to...?

Frank: You don't even know what they're made from.

George: They are made from lycra-spandex.

Frank: Get out of here! Lycra-spandex?

Estelle: I think they are made from lycra-spandex.

Frank: Wanna bet? How much you wanna bet?

Estelle: I'm not betting!

Frank: Take a look.

Estelle: All right, I'll get a bra.

Frank: I don't know what the big problem is getting a bra?!

George: She doesn't want to get a bra.

Frank: I'm not saying go to the library and read the whole history, but it wouldn't kill you to know a little bit about it.

George: All right, it wouldn't kill me.

Frank: How long it takes to find a bra? What's going on in there? You ask me to get a pair of underwear, I'm back in two know about the cup sizes and all? They have different cups.

George: I-I know about the cups.

Frank: You got the A, B, C the D. That's the biggest.

George: I know the D is the biggest. I've based my whole life on knowing that the D is the biggest.

Estelle: Here, here's the bra.

Frank: Let me see it.

Estelle: 100% lycra-spandex.

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Priscilla said...

Yeah...I remember that episode. I can even hear their Brooklyn accents (shudder).

I go to an all women's gym too. I like it wasy better too. There are normal women who go and we always talk.