Thursday, July 05, 2007

Brain Age and
Recently I have seen Nintendo's "Brain Age" game advertised, and there has been a fair bit of press the benefits of keeping your mind active. (I'm not sure if it is because I am getting older, and therefore am noticing things about age and health, or whether it is just a big marketing push by Nintendo.) I looked at the Nintendo site and there is a bit about the brain. Their introduction states:

Everyone knows you can prevent muscle loss with exercise, and use such activities to improve your body over time. And the same could be said for your brain. The design of Brain Age is based on the premise that cognitive exercise can improve blood flow to the brain. All it takes is as little as a few minutes of play time a day. For everyone who spends all their play time at the gym working out the major muscle groups, don't forget - your brain is like a muscle, too. And it craves exercise.

Anyway... I haven't rushed out and bought the 'Brain Age' game, but I have started to play a game of 'Scrabble' on the computer each night. It is quite fun and I am getting better at it. I do get a bit annoyed about what the official scrabble dictionary allows as a word, and what they don't!


Laurie Anne said...

My husband and son are addicted (in a good way) to Brainage. It is actually fun and challenging at the same time. You should try it :0)

Priscilla said...

hmmmm. Maybe I should try it too. I'm a year older then you, Jenny. I'm finding I can't remember things very well all the time. Lists! Where would I be without them? Now if I could just remember to refer to it...or where I put them!

Just found you blog. I enjoy all the creativity and love your girls' artwork!