Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We live near a large aquarium/fish shop, which we pass in the car everyday. A couple of years ago my kids decided that we REALLY NEEDED some fish as pets. I finally agreed to this as I already had all the equipment stored in the garage. I had owned fish when I was in highschool, and had bought the tank, light, filter etc. way back then. So a whole school of goldfish were purchased (one for each member of the family plus a couple of extras). Turns out that the interest in fish lasted a couple of weeks, and I was left with a large tank to clean, filter to maintain etc. One by one the fish eventually died and we were left with little tetras lost in such a large enclosure. (I inherited the tetras from someone else who was getting rid of their fish).
Solution - I went to IKEA and bought a large vase to house these little fish. EASY! No filters, no tank cleaning. I have just introduced some water snails to clean up any algae. It all looks quite cute sitting on a desk in the back room.
Anyone want a 80litre tank with all the trimmings?


Marie said...

Hi Jenny, thanks for stopping by my blog! It was weird that we posted the same topic on the same day, but a previous post of hers sparked my memory on that show and I left her a message about it, and then got to thinkin' about it and VIOLA!!!!

Love your blog, love your vase fish! Stop by again!

Seraphim sigh said...

I can't believe those fish are still alive. The vase looks awesome. Remember that big, empty tank that was so not you? Well, this is more like it. This is so you!

Priscilla said...

That does look very cool!

Priscilla said...

I like it. What did you put in the bottem? Are those real plants?