Monday, July 09, 2007

(holiday day trip no. 4)
Today's holiday adventure was to Kmart!!!

My kids are now at the age where they pay attention to advertising and believe everything they see. From the start of the holidays they have been counting down til the toy sale Kmart was advertising on TV and the radio, just bursting to spend their saved pocket money. And prize at the end of the wait....Tamagotchi Version 4.
I have had peace since the previous version's batteries all ran out. Regularly these evil toys are thrust upon me as kids run out of the car and into the school gates, with the instructions for me to 'look after' them shouted over their shoulders as they disappear into the school grounds. Unfortunately they often 'die' as I busy myself with the day's activities, causing angst and accusations of 'not caring' at the end of the day.
And now use of the computer is being demanded so they can visit 'Tamatown'. Don't get me started on the music that accompanies that site!!


Seraphim sigh said...

Wow, your site is looking mighty mighty I have to say. Oh, and just pause the tamagotchi, it's the best improvement they ever made. I quite like them to be honest. You can even change batteries which I'm sure you don't want to know!

Heather Here said...

I like it JP! As I said before - you're very clever! xxxxx

Priscilla said...

Our battery is dead and no new one in site...hopefully it will stay that way.

Paul Merrill said...

I hate those noisy kid toys! They are usually given by childless relatives - or grandparents. Sigh.

Re: overweight kids - a problem here in the States too. Overweight adults seems to be the bigger problem (no pun intended).

I like the direction your site is taking these days!