Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Katoomba (holiday day trip no. 1)
These school holidays we are not going away anywhere, but are planning on a few day trips to see places we have not been for awhile - and for the kids, maybe not at all.
Today we went to Katoomba, one and a half hours west of Sydney.
We visited 'Scenic World' to ride on the railway and walk around the boardwalks on the floor of the Jamieson Valley.

Down on the boardwalks in the rainforest is was quite dark.

After we had reemerged at the top of the cliff, via the cableway, we drove around to Echo Point to look at 'the Three Sisters'.
Katoomba is a town in the Blue Mountains. I learnt an interesting bit of trivia today:
The Blue Mountains are so named because, from Sydney, they look blue. They are clad in vast forests of eucalypts (commonly called gum trees), which in the hot sun discharge a fine mist of eucalyptus oil from their leaves. The mist refracts light, which makes the haze look blue at a distance.
You can see the rest of our photos from our trip here.

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