Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It is years since I have knitted anything (probably to do with having kids, working, and maintaining a house and garden!!), but have been craving a pair of warm hand knitted socks for the very cold evenings we have been experiencing.
To my horror I discovered that most sock patterns require 4 needles to be in use at the one time - an idea that was too overwhelming. After a 'google search' this morning I found a pattern that requires a pair of round needles, so I am going to attempt those.
My sister and I took a trip to 'Spotlight' this morning and purchased some yarn and needles.
While I was there I got all excited and decided to knit a scarf too as I found this exquisite coloured and textured yarn. I thought I would use it, and any leftover sock yarn, to knit a striped scarf.
I am calling it yarn because it is not actually wool. I find pure wool itches, so these are blends that feel really soft.

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Priscilla said...

Funny. My 10 year old daughter wants to learn how to knit. I didn't know how, so 2 days ago I went to the public library and got basic instructions. I'm knitting! Not neatly...but I'm getting it!

I guess I'm not quite ready to make a pair of socks...but last night I decided to learn how to cast off. I did it and now my little 8 years old daughter has a little blanket for her dollhouse. LOL!