Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Afternoon Walk
Today we all walked, or rode, along part of the cycleway that follows the Parramatta River. The Parramatta River is the main tributary of Sydney Harbour. The total catchment area of the river is approximately 130 km² and is tidal to a weir in Parramatta, approximately 30 km from Sydney Heads. This means that the river is essentially salt water until you near Parramatta.
For years this area of Sydney has been quite revolting, but now there is an effort to clean up the river and its shores, with groups working to regenerate the native flora and water life. A lot of expensive estates are being built to make the most of the improving water views.

Much of the foreshore is still in the hands of industry and private individuals as residences, however there is an increasing amount of waterfront land available as foreshore reserve with walkways and cycleways. As former industrial sites undergo remediation and redevelopment the foreshores are opened up for public access. Where there is no foreshore access, cycleways are routed through quiet residential streets with clearly marked sections of the road reserved for cyclists. (Wikipedia)

For more photos of our walk look here.


Laurie Anne said...

Sounds like you have a very fun day. :0)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that that part of Sydney is being cleaned up; I'd love to see the changes -- I grew up fairly close to where you live now. Here they're doing the same sort of thing to the Yarra River; making it a focus rather than something to turn away from.