Saturday, August 25, 2007

Morning tea at the shopping centre.
This morning we all went out to do a big supermarket shop - tomorrow Andrew's family are coming around for lunch and we needed lots of supplies.
One of the big drawing cards (for the kids) of going to the supermarket is the chance to maybe have a milkshake. They were lucky. We decided to stop and have morning tea in one of those large open eating areas found in shopping centres everywhere.
I have boycotted buying anything from a well known doughnut shop due to their exorbitant milkshake prices, and so we decided to buy something from a well known muffin chain instead. Andrew was the lucky one to do the ordering, and then to have a earnest discussion with the girls behind the counter over the prices of their milkshakes! $4.30 for a 'small' kid's one! What is that!! (They looked nothing like the ones pictured - they came in a plastic cup with a lid and straw.) As the said drinks were delivered Andrew was given a free mug by the establishment as they conceded that their prices were quite high. Mmmm... just what we needed - a thick, cheap china mug.

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Anonymous said...

What is that, with kids' milkshakes being so expensive? around here, a kids' shake costs about $3-4 and an adult's shake costs about $4.50. I am the mean mum who buys 2 adult shakes for 4 kids, and makes them share!