Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remembering Elvis... 'Storm Boy' and a green cardigan
I have been painting again today, and so have been listening to the radio for quite awhile. I could not help but hear that today is in fact the anniversary of Elvis' death. The 30th anniversary! Now that makes me feel old. Not because I was around for most of his career, but because I can remember exactly where I was when I heard he had died, and it is hard to believe that it was really 30 years ago because I remember the emotion of the situation very clearly.
A bit of background for you so you will understand - the first part of my life I grew up in Tanzania. There was no television and the only music my parents owned consisted of classical/orchestral numbers. I had certainly never heard of Elvis.
Shortly after I began school in Australia we went on an excursion to see 'Storm Boy' at the cinema. Very exciting for one who had not been to the cinema very many times. I was wearing a hand knitted green cardigan, made by my mother, and part of my new school uniform.
When we emerged from the movie, and were making our way back to school, two things occured. It was announced that Elvis had died (uhh?? but bad), and I realised I had lost my new cardigan (worse). I heard myself saying to the person next to me, 'Oh, I really loved him!'. The statement I thought I should make as people seemed to be quite upset about this news. But knowing that my mother was going to be even more upset about the news of the lost cardigan (and she was).
In the years to follow I did enjoy watching reruns of old Elvis movies of a Saturday afternoon. I think 'Clambake' was one of my favourites.

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Priscilla said...

I was 10. I hope you don't think I was cold-hearted...but I remember not being very emotionally affected at all. I lead a very sheltered life in an evangelical home with just a small black and white portable TV. My life revolved mostly around riding my bike, hanging with my family and going to church. I think I might as well have been raised in Africa too! LOL!