Monday, August 20, 2007

Simpsonize Me
I heard some friends talking about this on the weekend. It is a very silly, but fun, time waster.
This is me 'simpsonized'.
And this is my daughter Lauren.

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Megs said...

Your blog is so fun, chic and you!
Isn{t it great that we can be connected through these blogs_

dang ' bens has the computer on spanish keyboard, which is why my punctuation is wacky.

i{m applying for bits and pieces of jobs here and there, and it{s a slow process, requiring patience............

oh, and thanks for putting lovely pics of Phil and Zac on! we need to get Philly blogging!!!!!

much love,
ps mum is in the process of getting on facebook!!!!!!!!
now getting dad on board is the challenge!

pps thanks for the gorgeous growing things on facebook!