Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's Spring!
I took this photo of some magnificant flowers in Margaret's (Andrew's aunty) garden today. They go by the the very unattractive name of 'pig face', which really does not do them justice.
The temperatures we have been having has meant that the garden has already begun to bloom with Spring colour. I was inspired to photograph what was flowering in our garden at the moment.


Priscilla said...

How nice. I love spring. It is the oppostice here of course. Summer is coming to an end. My flowers are way past their prime and soon the leaves will be changing.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I just did that facebook movie survey and I am afraid we are totally incompatible. Don't worry, B and I are also totally movie incompatible and we still get on all right! Hugs. Kate

Megs said...

beautiful Jen! it reminds me of a living picture in Harry Potter!!!