Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bawley Point
On Friday we headed down south to Bawley Point, stopping off at Corrimal to denude some of my parent's garden of agapanthus (thanks Mum & Dad). We arrived to see the smiling faces of Jane from her glassed in living room, and Cath standing on the road's edge waving.
Oliver discovering some local wildlife.
After some hellos, a bit of settling in, and a quick trip to the shops for nibbles and a bottle (it was nearly 'wine o'clock'!), it was down to the beach for a dip in the ocean.
Beach hair! And our reason for visiting Bawley? Jane and Darcy were turning 40, and it was time to celebrate. They had a BBQ lunch at a local winery on Saturday, and it was gorgeous. Unfortunately my camera's battery lost all power and I was unable to capture any of the event. I did take lots of photos using Jane and Darcy's camera ( was a magnificant Canon EOS digital SLR) , and hope to get some copies from them.

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Anonymous said...

It all looks wonderful, Jen. I love the wisteria growing through your parents' garden.