Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I took the kids to the movies today and saw 'Hairspray'. The girls had been looking forward to it for awhile. Especially to see John Travolta dressed as a woman (they recently saw 'Grease' and were amazed it was the same man), and Zac from 'Highschool Musical' fame.
Taking Oliver to the movies can be a mixed experience. Today not so great. He complained that there were too many adverts before the film. True.
He announced any changes in lighting in the theatre at the top of his voice. I'm sure not so endearing to other patrons.
He drank two bottles of juice in the first half an hour (after being told not to) and therefore had to be taken to the toilets...AGAIN.
He shuffled around his seat and regularly kicked the chairs in front of him. Once again, not so endearing.
He asked to go home more than once during the film.
As a result, I think I enjoyed the movie...what I saw of it when I wasn't hissing at the boy.

I did like the character Penny Pingleton, and her mother.


Lisa, Pete & Ava Jamieson said...

This is very funny. I love the fact he actually asked to go home.

Anonymous said...

Kids -- gotta love'em!