Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Trees
I have dusted off the Christmas tree decorations, and have assembled the trees. Yes, two this year. I wanted the traditional green tree back again, but had to give the wire one I created last year another turn as it took so long to make!!

So a blue theme for the family room...

and a red & green theme for the lounge room.

I have put the trees up a couple of days early because we are so busy over the weekend I would not have a chance to do it.

Tomorrow I have a stall at the North Epping Village Fair, selling my handbags. If you are in the area come and have a look and say hello.


Marie said...

Oh my goodness, I love that blue is simply perfect!!! I would love to do something like that...although I do have the multi tree themed thing going on here!!! They both look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Jen. Good luck at the craft fair. Your bags are gorgeous so I am sure they will sell well.