Sunday, December 02, 2007

Advent Chain

This year, in the January sales, I bought lots of Christmas decorations. They were packed away in my decoration boxes and stored in the garage, and forgotten about. It was a lovely surprised when I unpacked everything and rediscovered all the treasures in there. One of the things I had bought was this advent chain, which we have hung in the hallway, and filled with treats.


Laurie Anne said...

How cool is that advent chain? You have the perfect place to hang it. I always hit the after Christmas sales and promptly forget what I buy until I unearth the decorations the following year :0)

Marie said...

I love that. I wanted to make something similar with some felted wool pockets, but I have been so busy this year I didn't have a chance to do it in time for this holiday season...maybe I will get to it for next year.