Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Party
Last night we celebrated Christmas with friends.

Cath and I organised a party with a music theme (we love doing that!) - songs you love, but would never really admit to. We compiled a song list after surveying the guests prior to the party, and burnt a CD. Cath wrote a blurb for the back and I made a cover.
Everyone has their share of secrets...particularly of a musical know what I am talking about...those songs you sing to in the car when you are driving around looking for a parking spot...those songs that take you to a melancholy place or a happy place or your year 12 formal...those songs that are so bad that they are good or just so iconic they are emblems of a glorious but faded past! Those songs that bring out your inner angst and torment!
Well, this year it is time to let all those musical disasters or clich├ęs come right out of the stocking! It is time to stop being cool and time to start being a dag! Time to get sentimental and time to get out of character! Time to stand up and say "I LOVE THIS SONG AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT" Having said that, some of
your choices are scary so we warn you to be very afraid as you listen. Alternatively, you can just fast forward to the next track!
Jen & Cath xxoo

Towards the end of the party the kids (especially my girls) really got into the dancing. Cath had taught them 'the Nutbush' awhile ago, and they danced it again and again.

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