Saturday, December 01, 2007

The First Day of Summer

This beautiful bowl of cherries reflects the beginning of a new season. A season where fruit is consumed at a great rate in our house, as it is the yummy fruit season - cherries, mangoes, grapes, peaches and pineapples. I must admit that I am not a very good example to my children when it comes to eating fruit. It is not something I would pick up to eat as a snack, unless it is one of these tropical delights. (Yes, I know cherries and grapes are not particularly tropical, but they are Summery.) The usual apple or orange doesn't do anything for me.
The first day of Summer in Sydney is actually overcast and wet. Yay!! Lots of rain.
It did mean that my stall at the Nth Epping Village Fair was quite damp. Despite the rain it was a good experience - my first at selling at a fair.

A mum (Sarah), from the school where I teach, was selling her creations at the fair too. You can look at her things here. She makes lovely cards.


Marie said...

It seems so odd to me that you are starting summer when we are hoping for snow to start winter! Your cherries do look delish!

Megs said...

hi Jenny!'
our first day of winter was lovely and snowy! i've just been in Australia for 5 days, so have had 4 seasons in one week!!!

Anonymous said...

wow - that was weird to read your post and hear the first day of SUMMER!! :) We are just getting ready for winter! I never thought about the fact that you all celebrated Christmas in summer --- funny! :)