Saturday, December 22, 2007

Front Verandah
This week I have rearranged the front verandah to try to utilize space more efficiently, and to make it look tidier. Our house is relatively small for a family of five, and storage is always something I am organising and rearranging.
It began with Oliver's room, as I decluttered it on Thursday, in preparation for the goodies Christmas will bring. I was able to send many toys home with my sister for Zac.
Then I was on a roll and decided to move his furniture around, and eventually the wardrobe that was in his room went to the verandah, and is now a place to store some gardening bits and pieces, raincoats, and the tools I regularly use around the house.
The metal trunks that sit on the verandah, storing gum boots etc. were given a spruce up with some spray paint.

The little table I rescued from my parent-in-law's place was also given the spray paint treatment while I had it out.
As a result, everything is looking tidier, and I wont have to cringe when friends come to the door.


Anonymous said...

It looks great Jen. I am good with garden plants but can never keep pot plants alive, so you are much better than I am.

Merry Christmas to you, Andrew and the kids (and Philly and family).



Laurie Anne said...

Looks fantastic!! I wish I had a front porch. Congrats on the decluttering, it always feels so good when it is done :0)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Sorry it took me so long to answer haha but yes parades are most popular at Thanksgiving -- but now at Christmas too! Ours is special because we have ours at night and all the vehicles/floats are lighted up - it's real pretty - like a Disney World night parade, if you know what I mean. Hope all is well with you! Be back to catch up on your blog soon! Merry Christmas!!!!!!

gillian said...

hi jenny!
thanks for linking my blog!
I love the table - so quaint.
You've done a great job with your blog :)