Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gift WrappingOne of the joys of preparing for Christmas, for me, is the wrapping of gifts. I love choosing a colour theme and making the tags etc. This year I have used paper from IKEA which is essentially black, white and silver. I have teamed this with purple tags, silver bells, and various purple and silver ribbons.
Christmas is such a special time, and I think that the effort we make in preparing for it should reflect that.
Now, don't get me wrong... I am not criticising those who quickly grab the closest roll of paper on their way out of a shop, not giving a thought about colour combinations. I know some people don't worrying about wrapping gifts in a mish mash of paper. BUT...I would ask that if you have not wrapped your gifts yet, please wrap all of your gifts in the same paper!! Grab two or three rolls of the same design or colour. It will make your gifts look fantastic.
The Shabbee Chick had a post about gift wrapping recently. I certainly agree with the sentiment, although I have been guilty of 'gift bagging'.


Megs said...

you make me laugh Jen at how different you and i are! i'm one who has been know to appear on christmas/b'day mornings with presents, unwrapped, hidden under my clothes ...

i love your elegantly wrapped presents! p'haps i shall have to visit ikea myself before christmas and emulate you!

Priscilla said...

They are very pretty. It really looks perfect.

I am NOT perfect. I love variety when I wrap. I don't fuss much. But...I do like to keep the wrapping paper the same basic color scheme. Green, red and gold. HaHa! (with a few blues, purples and whites thrown in)